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Projekt je financiran s strani Evropske komisije. Vsebina objave odraža izključno stališča avtorja. Nacionalna agencija ter Evropska komisija nista odgovorni za kakršno koli uporabo informacij, ki jih objava vsebuje.  

Take a look at the impressions of our volunteers in their newsletters and videos:











Home made rockets for kids :):


Newsletter April 2021 Final



We’ve just started with a new group of volunteers in March and in less than 2 weeks the lock-down happened. Some volunteers decided to return home, but most of them accepted the unknown adventure and stayed with us. We had no idea, that two months will change in the four months of volunteering. Gulia and Arsena from Georgia, Catia from Portugal, Lina from Lithuania, Jonathen from Italy and Lara from Germany prepared a short article and a video about their experience:  




Corona times: The volunteering experience that we never expected.

Like every volunteer, we had an emotional boom before we came here, it was the feeling of fear, a lot of questions in the head like »What kind of people, life will I meet there?«, »Will I be able to adapt with my level of English?« and so on. Furthermore we were united with one more thing: we all wanted to leave our routine, comfort zone and try something new.  

We were living 9 absolutely different people together, we had really interesting conversations about our culture, countries, education etc.  We had cooking workshops, where everybody was cooking something from his/her cuisine, we were working with children, young people. And suddenly everything changed.

We know that sometimes life is preparing absolutely different surprises for us, so our biggest surprise was Covid-19. To be honest, in that period we didn’t expect that the situation will get so serious, but step by step everything was changing: schools, kindergartens, shops were closing, later we even couldn’t go out from our municipality.  In that moment we had kind of challenge. Due to the fact, that borders between countries were closing some of our friends decided to go home. Of course it wasn’t easy for them and for us.

The most difficult question at that moment was: » How to deal with the situation?«. Despite the fact, that we had not easy period we didn’t give up, we tried to support each other and find the solution to handle it and not get sad and bored. We started to hike right behind our house and explore the beauty of nature in our municipality, we were playing board games, had movie nights, we were making handicrafts and painting, we had PJ parties and the most warm part was having dinner together.  

Most of us needed to stay 4 months instead of 2 and we created a great memories, travelled a lot around Slovenia and we became a family. We believe that we have gathered cool stories for telling our grandchildren.

“Being in Slovenia during the Coronavirus was kind of challenge for us.

We had so much plans that cancelled, but the people we were with did not let us be bored in the house, everything was planned suitable for lockdown, we had a lot of fun. Despite the fact that more than 2 months we were in quarantine I never felt frightened or stressed, because that hero people did everything for that. I was safe where I was and never regret the decision I made to come to Slovenia. “ – says Arsena from Georgia. 



“It was an incredible opportunity to spend quarantine in beautiful Slovenia in the same house with different people. In the beginning it was really hard to be far away from my family and my friends, but it was really good chance to improve myself and to become strong and independent.” – Lina from Lithuania. 


“I was feeling like the virus took my freedom away. Things that I took for granted I had to learn that nothing is taken for granted. I didn’t feel like that I could control the situation and I like to have the control so I felt really limited in a way nobody should be able to limit me as a free person. That’s why I always walked or drove to the border to where we were allowed to go in our district.” – told us Lara from Germany. 


“First days were really hard for me, because virus occupied all the world, we had lockdown, everybody around was stressed, unhappy and I didn’t know how to deal with all this, but then we just accepted this situation and started to think about solutions how to not get depressed and bored. And we did it, virus didn’t break us. I’m happy, that I shared that moments with my friends and I can say even more, it was a best decision I have ever taken.” – shared with us Gulia from Georgia. 


“The corona time was a big surprise to everybody. We didn’t expect how far it would go and no one didn’t know how to act on it because everything it was so unknown. Sometimes I felt scared, but mostly I felt safety and supported, and I tried to enjoy every single moment in Slovenia, even with all the restrictions. Day by day our coordinators and mentors gave us some tasks to do, to learn and develop ourselves (as should be with the project) and activities to give us quality time, to still have some fun and enjoy the experience in this time. We became a united and stronger group, because we supported each other, even in the hardest moments. After 4 months I can say that we were like a big family. So I’m really happy to have had this opportunity full of good memories.” – says Cátia from Portugal




Our dear long-term European Solidarity Corps volunteer Lara Jorinde Beyer from Germany will finish her 10-months project in our organization at the end of June. She is an amazing young lady, hard working and reliable volunteer. In 10 months time, we observed her personal growth towards a shining, self-confident young woman, ready for her next challenge at university.
Lara prepared a booklet about her experience with us and you are welcome to take a look.




Zavod Manipura hosted 22 volunteers from Macedonia, Estonia, France, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia and Italy for the period of 2 months. The volunteers joined a wide spectrum of activities: the contact making activities in Gorenjska, helped with the activities for children, youth and disabled people, joined different social skills, handicraft and multimedia workshops, took care of the ecological garden and the animals, helped with the big promotion events… There was a very intense inter-cultural learning process because we hosted volunteers from different countries at the same time.

Results of practical work

(Inter)cultural results of the project

The short term volunteers were accompanied by one long term volunteer, Mari from Georgia, who additionaly organised cooking workshops, English lessons, created promotion materials, took care of the info-point and offered individual assistance to the children with special needs who attended free-time activities in Vila Čira Čara.

MARI EVS-Final-Report

Four Slovene volunteers with special needs went to the organization “Nadacia Krajina Harmonie” in Slovakia, where they helped to organize an international festival for the inclusion of people with disabilities.
Another four Slovene volunteers with special needs did their EVS in Macedonia, in 2 different organisations that organise handicrafts, cultural and sport activities for people with disabilities and local youth – CYA Krik and EVEC Stip.
A new opportunity for our volunteers with special needs was offered to us by the Italian organisation Anffas. Two volunteers joined their workshops and helped with the practical care for people in wheelchairs.
Another two Slovene volunteers spent June 2018 in Latvia. They helped with practical work on an educational ecological farm for young people and attended their workshops.
Four Slovene volunteers had a big adventure in the organization Droni in Georgia, where they learned how tho create graffiti and helped to decorate Tbilisi with graffiti creations.
Next to all this, two Slovenian boys helped with the regular workshops for youth in Language Academy Wales in UK and one volunteer helped the youth workers with summer programme for children in Beyond 96 Youth Club in Dublin.

Slovene volunteers discovering Europe



16 short term volunteers with fewer opportunities from France, Romania, Hungary, Italy,  Lithuania and Spain participated in the EVS project “Multi-culti life skills lab, part 4”, based on experiential learning, in our NGO Zavod Manipura in Slovenia.

(inter)cultural results of the project

practical work

10 volunteers with fewer opportunities from Slovenia participated in short term EVS projects in hosting organisations NGO Ookull in Estonia, Cirkus in beweging in Belgium and Language Academy Wales in United Kingdom.

Slovenian volunteers in action



38 short term volunteers with fewer opportunities from France, Macedonia, Romania, Finland, Hungary, Italy, UK, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Sweden and Turkey and two long term volunteers from Albania and Finland participated in the EVS project “Multi-culti life skills lab” in our NGO Zavod Manipura in Slovenia.

One long term volunteer, Florjan from Albania, worked in programme PUM-O of Ljudska univerza Radovljica. Zavod Manipura was coordinating his mobility.

26 volunteers with fewer opportunities and special needs from Slovenia participated in the short term EVS projects in different hosting organisations in Slovakia, Macedonia, Estonia, Georgia, Belgium, United Kingdom and Latvia.They helped the hosting organisations with many different events for local children and youth and for young people with disabilities.

Click on the following links to learn more:

‘s practical work in Zavod Manipura and local community

(Inter)cultural results of the project

Slovene volunteers in action

Long term EVS in PUM-O Radovljica


32 short term volunteers from France, Macedonia, Romania, Finland,  Spain, Hungary, Italy,  Lithuania, Estonia, Montenegro, Georgia, Slovakia, Belgium and Turkey and one long term volunteer from Macedonia participated in the EVS project “New skills, new chances” in our NGO Zavod Manipura in Slovenia.

One long term volunteer – Gvantsa from Youth Association Droni Georgia worked in “Krizni center za mlade Kresnička”. Zavod Manipura was a coordinating organisation of this mobility.

18 volunteers from Slovenia participated in short term EVS mobilities in different hosting organisations: Nadacia Krajina Harmonie in Slovakia, CYA Krik Macedonia, NGO Ookull Estonia, YA Droni Georgia, VOC Ostend and Cirkus in beweging Belgium and Beyond 96 youth club in Ireland. They helped with different activities for local children and youth, for people with disabilities and for wild animals.

Click on the links below to see more:

Practical results of the project New skills, new chances part 1 and 2

(Inter)cultural results of the project New skills, new chances part 1 and 2

New skills, new chances part 1 and 2 – Slovene volunteers in action

Long term EVS in Crisis Centre for children

Results on the individual level and on the level of participating organisations


Jeniffer and Johannes from Germany, David and Vicky from Hungary, Nell and Mathias from Belgium and Kevin and Jeroen from the Netherlands spent 2 months in Vila Čira Čara and helped us with all kinds of work. Click to the following links to see some impressions from their projects:




In the hosting part of the projects Zavod Manipura hosted 44 volunteers from Romania, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Estonia, Macedonia, Hungary, France, Georgia, Russian Federation, Montenegro, Armenia, Moldova and Albania for a period of 1 or 2 months. The volunteers helped with the renovation of the house, worked in the ecological garden, helped in the orchard, took care of the animals and helped with the activities for children.

In the sending part of the projects 2 volunteers went to Belgium where they helped to take care of the wild animals in the organisation VOC Ostend, 1 volunteers went to Albania and helped with the summer school for children in the organisation Youth in free initiative in Kukes and 6 volunteers went to the Russian Federation where they helped to organise activities for children in the “Most camp” at the Black sea.

Helping hands, strong motivation and some good creative ideas of the volunteers helped us to organize some nice events for children, youth and the local community:

1. International festival »Play with me« in Begunje na Gorenjskem
This festival has been organised by The Special Education Centre Janez Levec Ljubljana and Association of inclusive culture for the last nine years on different locations. In June 2015 Zavod Manipura joined as the local organizator of the festival in Begunje na Gorenjskem.
The activities of the festival are mainly dedicated to children and youngsters, especially those with special needs. Due to not knowing the population our society is still full of prejudices which believe that people with special needs are incompetent and different instead of getting to know their qualities and the similarities between us.
The festival offered a unique opportunity of bringing one and the other closer together, regardless of age, education and other specifics. It was a great way of connecting and getting to know eachother through common activities by which grounds for a more understanding and open society were being build.
The volunteers of the EVS projects »Empowering the competences« and »Choose you way, choose your future« helped Zavod Manipura with the following tasks:
– preparation of the decoration, the stage, the space for the workshops and with a lot of other practical work
– they performed a short story together with the children
– they helped with the face-painting workshop and did some animation activities for the children.

play-with-me play-with-me-2 play-with-me-3

2. »Midsummer’s Eve« festival in Begunje na Gorenjskem
The local community of Begunje celebrates the longest day of the year in the embrace of the mighty ruins of Begunje’s Kamen Castle. On 23 June of each year, a midsummer night’s dream is brought to life. The celebrations begin in the afternoon with a series of children’s activities. Demonstrations of crafts, customs, cuisine and music, as well as a varied cultural programme, act as a prelude to the lighting of a large bonfire.
Midsummer’s Night celebrations hark back to the pagan tradition of venerating the sun and fire by honouring the longest day and shortest night of the year.

The volunteers of the EVS projects »Empowering the competences« and »Choose your way, choose your future« helped to realise the festival in June 2015 with the interactive presentation of their countries and cultures and with the games for the children.

kresna-noc kresna-noc-2 kresna-noc-3

3. »Happy day of the volunteering« event in Ljubljana

The head organization “Slovenska filantropija” connected more than 100 organizations that promote volunteer work in a big event in the centre of Ljubljana. The event offered space to get to know eachother and created a positive atmosphere to play different games and to enjoy the animations performed by the volunteers.
The volunteers of the EVS projects »Empowering the competences« and »Choose your way, choose your future« prepared creative activities for the children and promoted European Voluntary Service and Erasmus+ programme:

veseli-dan-2 veseli-dan-1 veseli-dan-3

4. Creative workshops at the local event for children »Škratov Živ Žav«:

skratov-ziv-zav skratov-ziv-zav-2 skratov-ziv-zav-3

5. A thematic intercultural day about Turkey, Estonia and the refugee crisis at the local primary school:

img_7401  img_7403  img_7407

6. A thematic intercultural day about Hungarian culture for the local primary school:

madzarska-predstavitev  madzarska-predstavitev2   madzarska-predstavitev5 dscn0462  dscn0468  dscn0474

7. A breakdance workshop for the children from the local primary school:

breakdance6  breakdance3  breakdance5 dscn0485  dscn0489  dscn0487

8. A short movie about Vila Čira Čara, made by the volunteers:


9. A presentation of Slovene culture at »Most camp« in Russian federation

EVS volunteer David created a short movie about his experience:

Another video was created by the whole group with the help of the hosting organisation:


Later the hosting organisation added an intro and put it on Youtube:

10. A presentation of Slovene culture for the children of Kukes, Albania

EVS volunteer Imer prepared a nice presentation of Slovenia and Slovene culture in the summer school for children and made a video with the help of his mentorabout his EVS experience:


The volunteers helped us to finish the renovation of the attic:

img_7836  dsc_0365  dsc_0359 dsc_0305  nastja  punce mauro  mara  ema

And the result is a cosy playingroom for the children:

igralnica-1  igralnica-2  igralnica-3

They constructed a puppet-theatre and prepared a puppet show for the children,

gledalisce  gledalisce-2  gledalisce-3

renovated old furniture and walls,


and constructed cute houses for our animals.

alesandro  img_7141    alice-2


The project was developed for young people with fewer opportunities that are facing difficult psychosocial situations, poverty, social exclusion, special needs and unemployement. Our aim was to work on the competences that will help young people in the process of inclusion into society and on the labor market. We wanted to enhance the personal development of young people through the empowerment based on non-formal learning and positive experiences, make their self esteem better, develop more efficient coping strategies and get over their prejudicies.

Zavod Manipura hosted 16 volunteers from Spain, France, Macedonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia for a period of 1 or 2 months. The volunteers worked in the Children and Youth Centre »Vila Čira Čara«. They helped with the renovation of the house, made an ecological garden, helped in the orchard and took care of the animals. Next to the practical work they helped to organise free-time activities for local children and youth like sport activities, playing games in the nature and other outdoor activities, different artistic activities and free playing time for children. They also did some work for the local community like activities for the disabled people and for the children in the local kindergarten and primary school. In June the volunteers helped to organize and took active part in two cultural events – »Play with me« festival for children and »Mid-summer eve« festival for the local community.

There was a very intense intercultural learning process because volunteers from different countries lived and worked together.

Zavod Manipura sent three Slovenian volunteers on short term EVS to the Youth Center “Kreaktiv” in Kavadarci, Macedonia, where they helped to organise and took part in the activities for local youth. Next, four Slovenian volunteers with special needs did their EVS in the organisation “Nadacia Krajina Harmonie” in Slovakia, where they helped to organise an international festival for the inclusion of people with disabilities. Two more Slovenian volunteers with special needs went on short term EVS to Hungary where they helped in the day centre for adults with disabilities.

Practical work of the volunteers in Vila Čira Čara:

20403_848446315238081_5321989650392299786_n  11214172_855181611231218_7904032366873124532_n  11390322_835035603245819_2825876591336530596_n  11825154_858409420908437_5854453338788753783_n  11065952_810518562364190_3257015575465660917_n 11709418_848444808571565_80018560839820708_n  11262372_848571108558935_3720384488212588513_n  11062332_805619839520729_4885735268219170374_o  11249471_835035529912493_1519283311334722881_n 10153158_835038839912162_1283330231739504851_n  11013169_848445321904847_2450499746454766495_n  1610918_810519592364087_2738643156615119291_n 11182289_810520952363951_3248534622734211843_n  barbora, anna  IMG_6537


Aleksandra, Metka, Grega in Miha so v spremstvu Davida in Vladimirja 15 dni preživeli v organizaciji Nadacia Krajina Harmonie v Žilini na Slovaškem:

1980449_910601995671754_753927399311452156_o  20150826_150036 20150826_150158 20150828_203821 SLOVAŠKA  SLOVAŠKA1  slovaška2 20150826_112815

Aleksandra je svoje doživetje takole opisala prijateljem:

“Ne samo dobro, ampak odlično”

Avgusta smo šli na EVS na Slovaško za dva tedna. Bilo je zanimivo, novo in predvsem fantastično. Iz VDC-ja sva šli midve z Metko, iz Janševe šole pa Miha in Grega. Z vlakom smo potovali 12 ur. Živeli smo v dijaškem domu. Z nami sta šla dva spremljevalca iz Manipure, David in Vlado. Oba moram pohvaliti, bila sta super, “kapo dol”.

Prišli so tudi iz drugih držav. Pogovarjala sem se po angleško. Še dobro, da hodim na tečaj. Malo pa tudi z rokami, malo so pomagali spremljevalci.

Imeli smo različne delavnice. Jaz sem se seveda vključila v plesno. Bile so še glasbena, dramska, fotografska in različne delavnice ročnih spretnosti. Pa tudi delali smo. Urejali smo okolico. Vsi smo se pripravljali na skupno prireditev  festival. Imeli smo tudi dva izleta. Punce smo šle v šoping, zvečer pa na koncert in ples.

Najbolj mi je bilo všeč, da sem spoznala “ulala” fante in prisrčne prijateljice. Na koncu so bile seveda solze, veliko. Ko sem v Sloveniji stopila z vlaka, sem rekla, da bi šla takoj nazaj.

David pa nam je povedal:

Festival se odvija vsako leto v mestu Žilina. Na njem sodeluje veliko ljudi iz različnih koncev Evrope. Letos je poleg naše ekipe tam delalo še okoli 50 mladih iz Slovaške, Češke, Grčije, Malte, Portugalske, Irske, Poljske in Slovenije.

Največ časa smo namenili spoznavanju novega okolja in ljudi. Pri pripravah na festival smo se udeležili različnih delavnic. Vsak dan smo doživeli nekaj novega in drugačnega. Dnevi so bili zasedeni in aktivni. Kljub temu je ostalo dovolj časa za kratke počitke in sproščene pogovore Pogovarjali smo se o počutju vsakega izmed nas. Veliko smo delali na iskrenosti. Vzeli smo si čas zase. Pred spanjem smo se pogovarjali o doživetjih tistega dne. Razmišljali in načrtovali smo dneve, ki so bili pred nami.

Izzive smo premagovali brez težav. Napredovali smo na vseh področjih. Dobre energije in smeha je bilo res veliko. Vse bolj samostojno smo delali. Proti koncu smo se čisto sami sprehajali po mestu. Odkrivali smo skrita znanja, ki jih imamo. Sproščeno smo se vključevali v dejavnosti. Naredili smo vse in vse več. Vsak dan smo zrasli za nekaj novih življenjskih veščin. Bili smo utrujeni, a veseli. Veseli, da nam je uspelo. Vsakemu na svoj način. Z našo vztrajnostjo smo presenetili vsakega, ki nas je spoznal.

Jernej in Janez sta bila v Davidovem spremstvu dva tedna na Madžarskem, v organizaciji MRSZ Alapítvány – Önkéntes Diakóniai Év Programiroda:

“Kratkoročni EVS projekt z Janezom in Jernejem se je dogajal na Madžarskem. Največ časa smo preživeli v majhnem mestu Kiškunhalas na jugu Madžarske, kjer smo se dnevno udeležili različnih aktivnosti in delavnic v lokalni organizaciji in hiši za osebe z motnjami v razvoju. Živeli smo sami, z izjemo kosila smo kuhali sami, prosti čas pa smo peklenski vročini primerno preživljali v senci, na bazenu, ob jezeru ali kako drugače. Dnevi v Kiškuhalasu so minili (pre)hitro, saj je se je vsak dan izkazal kot dejansko nov dan z novimi ljudmi, drugačnimi aktivnostmi in novimi izzivi. Vključevanje v okolje in družbo je bilo sprva precej naporno in počasno, vendar smo po enem tednu ujeli ritem, imeli precej priložnosti raziskati mesto ter se med seboj dodatno spoznati. Dnevna opravila, kot so nakupi in kuhanje, smo v sproščenem duhu opravljali skupaj, ostale bolj zakomplicirane izzive pa smo posplošili in jih prav tako skupaj uspešno premagali. Največja ovira je bilo nepoznavanje tujega jezika, vendar ne toliko pri nas, kot pri domačinih. Fanta sta razumela, zakaj je temu tako in sta redno kljub temu z odprtimi rokami sprejemala in spoznavala nove ljudi. Vsak dan smo bili vključeni v športne aktivnosti (plavanje, fribzi), uživali pa smo tudi v ustvarjanju glasbe in pri druženju v organizaciji.

Poleg Kiškunhalasa smo uvodna in zadnja dva dneva spoznavali Budimpešto, kjer smo s pomočjo naših lokalnih vodičev v stilu veselih turistov odkrivali zanimive dele in skrite kotičke mesta.”

David Došenović, spremljevalec


Nik, Renata in Maja pa so bili v organizaciji Kreaktiv v Kavadarcih v Makedoniji. Maja je o svoji izkušnji napisala:


Začelo se je kot igra navdušenja in tistega občutka, ki prevzame otroka, ko pričakuje darilo. Z nasmeškom na obrazu sem se jeseni znašla na letališču v Skopju, kjer me je pričakal entuziastični voznik taksija, od katerega sem na poti vse do Kavadarcev zvedela praktično vse o navadah in običajih lokalnega prebivalstva. Nič čudnega, saj so Makedonci zelo gostoljubni, prijazni in odprti ljudje, ki jih zanima tvoja prezenca še toliko bolj, če se z njimi lahko pogovarjaš v jeziku, ki ga razumejo. Z govorno bariero tako nisem imela težav in sem se zlahka asimilirala v novo okolje.

Tekom volunterskega dela v mladinskem centru Kreaktiv sem prebivala v skromnem stanovanju z ostalimi prostovoljci iz Finske, Estonije, Slovaške, Litve in Francije, s katerimi sem odkrivala skrite kotičke mesta, občudovala neskončen razgled na polja in hribe z visokega stolpa, poleg dela z mladimi obdelovala tudi plantažo jajčevcev in paprik, se skoraj vsak večer kratkočasila v lokalnih pubih ob zelo okusni in poceni hrani, skoraj vsako jutro sprehodila po bazarju polnem sveže zelenjave in sadja in s katerimi sem praktično vzpostavila močne prijateljske vezi in sem z njimi v stikih še danes.

Samo delo v mladinskem centru je bilo prijetno, saj sem imela priložnost spoznati mlade člane, ki so me dobrosrčno sprejeli takoj ob prihodu, lokalne prostovoljce in vodje projekta, s katerimi smo kolektivno sodelovali skozi celoten čas. Mlade sem poučevala slovenski jezik, skupaj smo uspešno izvedli tudi diskusijo o splošnem pogledu na prihodnost, najbolj pa smo se zabavali ob igranju šaha in rummikuba, multimedijskih večerih, plesanju makedonskega kola in sejmu izven-šolskih dejavnostih pred osnovno šolo v Kavadarcih, kjer sem spoznala tudi samega župana in priznanega novinarja. Prav tako smo s prostovoljci obiskali center, kjer prebivajo otroci in odrasli s posebnimi potrebami in s težavami v mentalnem razvoju. Presenečena sem bila nad njihovim pozitivnim odzivom, predvsem pa nad dejstvom, da sem ob igri in pogovoru z njimi prejela toliko energije in občudovanja, da so mi vedno znova polepšali dan.

Prosti čas sem rada izkoristila za pohajanja. Najbolj mi bo v spominu ostal izlet v historični Ohrid, kjer sem občudovala neskončno obzorje jezera, se sprehajala po tlakovanih ozkih ulicah in obedovala na sončni terasi okusno kosilo s pogledom na majhne barke, ki so plule po mirni vodi. In tako kot pri nas poznamo Jožefov sejem, tako sem uspela videti tudi makedonsko različico sejma, ki je sicer nekoliko bolj živahen od našega, saj poleg oblačil, suhe robe in razne železnine ter kup neuporabnih reči, ki jih skušajo prodajalci prodati, ponuja tudi živo glasbo in ogromno stojnic, kjer pripravljajo jedi na žaru in mastne zelo sladke slaščice, ki potešijo še tako hudo lakoto.

Če zamenjaš ime Janez z Dime, žganje z rakijo, cviček s tikveškim vinom, Renaulta s traktorjem in slovensko stereotipno zavist z dobrovoljnostjo in brezskrbnostjo, ter dodaš privrženost preminulemu Tošeju Proeskemu in ljubezen do bogate zgodovine Aleksandra Velikega, se lahko skoraj že okličeš za Makedonca.

Hvaležna za vedno!

Maja Milovanović

maja mak1     maja mak4       maja mak5