ESC possibilities in Zavod Manipura


The latest news 🙂 :

info pack for volunteers summer 2021

A group of volunteers created a short video presentation of our current house:

Short video presentation of the experiences in autumn 2020:

From the previous years:

European Voluntary Service in Zavod Manipura

Older projects:

“Europe. My treasure”, 2012/2013:

“Europe: my treasure…” was a short term group EVS project that included 4 group activities. We offered 1 month of voluntary work abroad to 19 young people from France, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Slovakia, Ireland, Spain, Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary. The voluntary work took place at different local organisations working with children and youngsters – Youth Centre in Jesenice, “Žarek” association in Jesenice, Centre for youth with mental and physical dissability “CUDV Matevž Langus” in Radovljica and in the free time activities of local schools and kindergartens.

The volunteers prepared cultural-creative workshops about the treasures of their countries for the local children. The children drew, sculptured, learned to dance and sing under the guidance of the volunteers. In the last week the “results” of this activities were presented to other children and we organised “The European treasure hunt”.

Next to this, the volunteers had the opportunity to be involved in the day centre activities of Zavod Manipura together with Social work centre of Radovljica.
The main objective of the project was to encourage the volunteers to improve their social skills and to strenghten their self-esteem. The local children got in contact with the young people from 10 different European countries and they learned about their culture and the way of living on an amusing, non-formal way.

Activity with primary school children
Preparation of the activity in kindargarten
Activity in the Youth Centre »Žarek«
Activity with the disabled people

»Let’s play our eu(rope)an games!«, 2012:

In this short term EVS project we hosted 3 groups of 6 volunteers, together 18 volunteers from Italy, Belgium, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Ireland, Bulgaria and Hungary. The volunteers presented typical games, sports and fairytales from their countries to more than 170 Slovenian children in different local organisations. Next to this, the volunteers helped with the outdoor activities for children, organised by Zavod Manipura and Social work Centre in Radovljica.

Ice-skating with children
More winter fun
Carnival party
In the Kindergarten
Creative workshop
The fun in the swimming pool
In the Primary school

»Active autumn«, 2011:

Our first gropu project was »Active Autumn« in the autumn of 2011. We hosted 3 volunteers from Sardinia and Hungary and together with 3 volunteers from Finland and from Belgium. The idea of the project was the same as of »Let’s play our Eu(rope)an games:

Preparations for the Halloween party
The volunteers with Henk, our coordinator